• Horizons academic enrichment and mentoring reduces summer learning loss which increases the likelihood that our students graduate from high school and continue on to higher education.
  • Students, teachers, volunteers and staff form a close-knit community with high expectations for attendance, participation, and individual effort and achievement.
  • Students gain an average of 8-10 weeks grade equivalence in reading and math during each six week summer session along with increased confidence, motivation and aspirations.
  • Nationally, the program has impressive results:


Average daily student attendance at Horizons


Year-to-year retention of students and families


Graduate high school and attend college


Horizons students who learn to swim



“Horizons is a wonderful program. [It] helps my son overcome many of his fears, he loves to learn and the people who work with him at camp encourage him to strive for more and for better. This was the best decision I have ever made for my son, allowing him to attend this camp. You Rock.”

“This was a great opportunity for my child, he learned a lot and was eager to come home and share what he learned. I am grateful for him having [had] the privilege to attend Horizons and look forward to future summers.”


“The most important thing I learned at Horizons was math because I could work on it more.”

“[Horizons] can help you with learning.”

What is the most important thing you learned from Horizons?
“Everything at Horizons”, “Not to fight!”

What is your favorite thing about Horizons?
“Reading”, “Swimming everyday”, “The teachers”


”I love that everyone who works at the program truly wants to be there. Everyone is committed to improving the literacy skills of our students and closing the achievement gap. The small class size of 15 students really makes a difference.”

“I love Horizons for many, many reasons. One reason is that it gives me the opportunity to share my talents with kids in need over the summer. Teaching in an independent throughout the year is wonderful, but I know there are many children who spend the school year in a less fortunate place. I love sharing the happiness of my job with these kiddos over the summer.